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340:75-11-321. Placements for infants of youth in non-funded and funded, contracted residential maternity services

Revised 9-15-16

(a) Infants served are the newborn infants whose mothers are in Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) custody and in the residential maternity services placement.

(b) The infant is accompanied in care by his or her mother and the length of stay does not exceed 45-calendar days, except with the approval of the Child Welfare Services (CWS) Specialized Placements and Partnerships Unit.  • 1

(c) The contractor provides residential maternity services for infants in care that include:

(1) a separate, suitable bed in a room shared with his or her mother.No other adults or children share the room with the mother and infant;

(2) child care equipment, including bedding, high chairs, when needed, car seats, appropriate toys, and furniture;

(3) clothing;

(4) all food, formula, diapers, and personal hygiene items; and

(5) pediatric care.Prior consultation and consent from infant's mother is required for any medical procedure.

(d) The contractor documents the interaction between the mother and the infant in the child's case record.

(e) The funded contractor is:

(1) paid by DHS at a fixed daily rate, based upon actual utilization.The fixed daily rate is a blend of Title IV-E funds, per eligibility of each child served, and state funds; and

(2) submits Form 04CB002E, CWS Claim for Purchase of Residential Care, for payment to the CWS Contracting and Acquisitioning Unit.  • 1


Revised 9-15-16


(1) The infant's assigned child welfare (CW) specialist and the CW facility liaison provide assistance to the placement provider regarding case planning and coordinating services for the infant.

(2) Each infant and child of the youth in a non-funded, maternity residential placement receives a monthly $10 allowance.

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