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340:75-11-289. Specialized community home (SCH) contract reimbursement

Revised 9-15-16

(a) Monthly allotment.SCH contractors are reimbursed at an annual fixed rate of reimbursement, paid in 12 equal monthly allotments.The SCH contractor submits a monthly claim for the monthly allotment on Form 04CB002E, CWS Claim for Purchase of Residential Care, to Child Welfare Services Contracting and Acquisitioning Unit on the first business-day of each month.

(b) Foster care maintenance payment.In addition to the monthly allotment reimbursement, the SCH contractor is paid at the daily Oklahoma Department of Human Services foster care maintenance payment rate, per actual number of days in each month, according to the child's age.The SCH contractor signs the Fixed Rate Foster Home Contract at the same time the SCH contract is initiated.  • 1 & 2

(1) SCH contractors are reimbursed for up to a total of 10-calendar days for planned treatment leave per child, per child placement year, such as a pre-placement visitation or family reunification.

(2) A child's placement year begins on the date a child is placed in the home and terminates 12 months later or on the date of discharge within that 12-month period.When a child is discharged, then readmitted to the same or another facility, a new child placement year begins.

(3) SCH contractors are reimbursed for a child who runs away a total of five-calendar days per child, per child placement year, when there is reasonable expectation the child will return to the SCH from runaway status.

(4) SCH contractors are reimbursed when a child is hospitalized for a period not to exceed 10-calendar days when the contractor maintains daily contact with the child and the child returns to the SCH upon discharge.

(5) The SCH child welfare facility liaison and supervisor approves all reimbursement for planned leave, hospital leave, or runaway status.

(6) SCH contractors are not eligible for difficulty of care payments for children in SCH placements.   1 through 3


Revised 9-15-16

1.The Child Welfare Services (CWS) resource specialist or person contracted to do family assessments follows Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:75-11-286 by completing a family assessment in the county where the specialized community home (SCH) is located and completes the required reassessments.

2.Contract initiation.The CWS Specialized Placements and Partnerships Unit initiates the Fixed Rate Specialized Community Home (SCH) Contract.

3.SCH resources.Each SCH contractor is listed in the KIDS Resource Directory, category - Residential-State Office Authorized and type - Specialized Community Home.

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