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340:75-11-287. Rights and responsibilities of the specialized community home (SCH) contractor

Revised 9-15-16

(a) SCH contractors have rights as Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) foster parents, per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:2-3-50 and Section 1-9-119 of Title 10A of the Oklahoma Statutes.

(b)The SCH contractor provides a full range of social services, including:

(1) direct social services to the child on an individual and group basis that focuses on the child's individual treatment goals;

(2) community resources for the child, such as outpatient behavioral health treatment;

(3) educational and vocational services and tutoring, as needed, for the child;

(4) skills training to prepare the child for employment and facilitate job placement and retention, as appropriate per the child's age;

(5) crisis intervention on a 24-hour basis for each child;

(6) recreational activities and opportunities for each child to pursue his or her talents, hobbies, and chosen interests;

(7) adequate clothing and shoes for each child;

(8) skills training in personal hygiene and grooming for each child;

(9) medical and dental care for each child within the scope of DHS policy and contract mandates;

(10) proper food and nutrition for each child;

(11) successful adulthood skills training for eligible youth;

(12) establishment and maintenance of grievance procedures for each child consistent with OAC 340:2-3-45 and 340:2-3-47;

(13) positive role modeling for the child;

(14) alternate caregiver per OAC 340:75-11-286;

(15) written expectations and an orientation process for each child upon initial placement; and

(16) discharge planning and preparing each child for discharge.

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