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340:75-1-240. Child Welfare Professional Enhancement program

Revised 7-1-13

     The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) partners with the University of Oklahoma to support employee education through the Child Welfare Professional Enhancement program (CWPEP).  CWPEP provides tuition, fees, and required textbooks for employees.  OKDHS employees may request authorization for up to 20 days of paid educational leave per calendar year.  Annual leave may be approved when appropriate for additional classroom days.    • 1


Revised 9-15-20

1.(a) Master of Social Work (MSW) degree scholarships.The MSW degree scholarships are available only through the University of Oklahoma (OU) School of Social Work.Scholarships are limited to Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) employees currently in or willing to transfer to Child Welfare Services (CWS) and are committed to a career in CWS.The scholarship program is available through a cooperative effort between the OKDHS and the OU School of Social Work.

(1) MSW scholarships are awarded by OU and include tuition and books only.Tuition payment is made directly to OU.

(2) Scholarships are restricted to the MSW degree only as the MSW degree is preferred for CWS positions.

(3) The scholarship program may be discontinued at any time based on the availability of federal funds.

(4) When a scholarship is received, the employee signs a contract defining the employee's responsibilities and commitments.

(5) Employees who have a master's degree in psychology, sociology, juvenile justice, guidance and counseling, human/family relations, family and child development, or a closely related field, are not eligible for the MSW scholarship.

(6) Award and obligation.Each MSW scholarship is awarded for a one year period and requires a commitment of 15 months of service to CWS per year of scholarship support.Failure to complete the service requirement requires the employee to repay the cost of tuition and books.

(7) Job placement.The employee remains in his or her current job assignment and attends MSW school:

(A) part-time during the first year; and

(B) full-time during the second year.During the second year, the employee completes a full-time practicum.The employee uses a combination of educational and annual leave to attend classes.

(b) MSW application procedures.

(1) A numbered memorandum is issued by CWS each year announcing the MSW scholarship program application period and the selection criteria.

(2) The CWS employee makes application for admission to the OU Graduate School and School of Social Work when desired.OKDHS and CWS are not in the selection process of MSW students admitted to the school.

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