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340:75-1-152.5. Request for extended Oklahoma Children’s Services (OCS)

Revised 7-19-21

    OCS is initially approved for a six-month service period.  Per Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:75-1-9, approval for an OCS extension can be requested and the family is eligible for Title IV-E prevention service for up to 12-months, and for additional 12-month periods, including contiguous 12-month periods when;

(1) the family is in crisis;

(2) new safety concerns arise; or

(3) the child is:

(A) identified as a candidate for foster care; or

(B) a pregnant or parenting foster youth.  • 1      


Revised 6-13-22

1.  Oklahoma Children's Services (OCS) extension request.  Most families complete OCS within the standard six-month period unless progress is delayed due to missed appointments or the need to spend additional time mastering skills.  Family circumstances may also warrant an extension of services when a crisis or substantive change occurs late within the service period.

(1) Open child welfare (CW) case OCS extension request.  When an extension is needed in an open CW case, the request is considered and discussed at a case staffing as the final month of service approaches.  When the CW specialist and OCS contract staff determine a service extension is warranted, and the CW supervisor supports the decision, a request for extension is submitted to the OCS contract liaison.

(A) Request for OCS extension.  The CW specialist and OCS contractor develop a written request for OCS extension and submit it to the CW supervisor no later than 30-calendar days prior to the end of the service.  The written request includes the:

(i) case name and KK number;

(ii) beginning and ending dates of services;

(iii) specific services received by the family to date;

(iv) purpose of the extension request;

(v) current safety threats or impending danger in the home;

(vi) current Safety Plan;

(vii) specific behaviors or protective capacities of the person responsible for the child's health, safety, or welfare to be addressed in the continuation of services;

(viii) expected outcome for the extension that is not within the standard service period; and

(ix) number of months requested.

(B) CW supervisor responsibility for approving OCS extensions.  The CW supervisor:

(i) discusses the extension request with the OCS contract supervisor to confirm the contractor's support for the extension;

(ii) transmits the extension request to the OCS contract liaison with the documented case information in (1)(A) of this Instruction and the OCS contractor's recommendation; and

(iii) when the OCS contractor does not agree with the extension of OCS services, documents the contractor's recommendation and reason for disagreeing with continued OCS services.

(C) OCS extension authorizations.  The OCS contract liaison is authorized to approve or deny extension requests for up to 90-calendar days.  When a longer extension is needed, the OCS contract liaison contacts OCS programs staff to request an extension approval.

(i) The OCS contract liaison informs the CW supervisor of the extension request determination and forwards information regarding the approved or denied extension to the primary OCS contractor and OCS programs staff.

(ii) The OCS contract liaison enters the extension on KIDS Service screens for each approved extension request.

(2) Extensions based on court orders.  OCS extensions ordered by the court do not require a CW specialist written justification or extension request.  Written notice of the court order is provided to the OCS contract liaisons.

(3) Closed CW case OCS extension request.  When an extension is warranted after CW case closure, the OCS contract liaison and OCS contract staff determine how much time is needed to accomplish the remaining goals.

(A) Approval of CHBS or Parent Aide Services (PAS) extension request.  When there is no open CW case but family circumstances result in increased risk to child safety during the final months of PAS or CHBS, the OCS contract supervisor discusses the need for continuing services with the OCS contract liaison.

(i) When the OCS contract liaison and OCS contractor agree to extend services, the OCS contract liaison may approve a CHBS extension request for up to 90-calendar days.  When a longer extension is needed, the OCS contract liaison forwards the extension request to OCS programs staff.

(ii) The OCS contract liaison may authorize a PAS extension after consulting with OCS programs staff.

(B) CHBS or PAS extension request determination.  The OCS contract liaison notifies the contractor of the approval or denial of CHBS or PAS extension.

(C) Updating CHBS and PAS service dates.  The OCS contract liaison enters an approved OCS extension on the KIDS Service screens for CHBS and PAS CW cases.

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