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Library: Policy

340:75-1-151.1. Oklahoma Children's Services (OCS) contracting agency's request to reject a referral

Revised 9-15-16

        The OCS contractor has no right to refuse referrals or disrupt service provision without consultation with and approval of the child welfare (CW) specialist, CW supervisor, and the OCS contract liaison.  • 1


Revised 9-16-21

1The Oklahoma Children's Services (OCS) contracting agency may request permission to refuse a referral when:

(1) the child and family is not at the address reported and their whereabouts are unknown;

(2) multiple attempts by the contract staff to meet with the child and family at the home are unsuccessful;

(3) the contractor determines contact with the child and family appears dangerous or life-threatening to the contractor or child;

(4) the child and family refuse to cooperate with the contractor and verbally refuse the services offered; or

(5) referral guidelines were not followed.  Referrals for a single-focus service including, but not limited to, transportation or special funding, are not appropriate.

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