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Library: Policy

340:75-1-151.2. Oklahoma Children's Services (OCS) emergency service response

Revised 9-15-16

    Oklahoma Children's Services (OCS) may be initiated on an emergency basis with verbal authorization from the OCS contract liaison.    • 1 


Revised 9-15-16

1.Oklahoma Children's Services (OCS) emergency service.

(1) When an emergency exists, such as the need for immediate services or resources that permit a child to be released from a shelter, the Child Welfare Services (CWS) child welfare (CW) specialist, with CW supervisor approval, contacts the OCS contract liaison (OCSL) by telephone or email to request an OCS emergency service response.OCSL approval is required for emergency referrals; however, arrangements may be made by telephone or email to ensure the contractor has sufficient information to initiate services.

(2) The completion and approval of a referral in KIDS or the participation in the intake staffing is required regardless of OCS emergency services authorization.

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