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340:75-1-152.9. Oklahoma Children's Services (OCS) contractor's notification to Child Welfare Services (CWS) of increased risk 


Revised 7-19-21

    The OCS contractor is required to submit a Critical Incident Report (CIR) to CWS when the safety or well-being of a child participating in OCS is in question.  • 1 & 3  The CIR is documented in KIDS as a notification that may require Oklahoma Human Services protective action and a determination as to whether contract services will continue. 


Revised 7-19-21

1.  Circumstances warranting a Critical Incident Report (CIR).  The Oklahoma Children's Services (OCS) contractor is required to submit a CIR regarding a child or family participating in OCS when:

(1) the family misses three face-to-face contacts within any 90-calendar day period of service;

(2) the child's safety is in question.  The child welfare (CW) specialist or OCS contract liaison may advise the OCS contractor to call Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) Abuse and Neglect Hotline for screening and disposition regarding the need for further CW services or action;

(3) a person moves in or out of the family home impacting the family dynamics and the child's safety;

(4) OCS contract staff discovers the family moved without prior notice to OCS;

(5) a participating family member is:

(A) hospitalized;

(B) gives birth;

(C) sustains serious injury;

(D) dies;

(E) becomes incapacitated;

(F) is charged with a criminal violation; or

(G) is incarcerated or otherwise confined;

(6) a participating family member or someone connected with the family harms or threatens to harm the OCS contractor, or other agency personnel;

(7) a child abuse or neglect referral is made; or

(8) a child participating in OCS is reported or observed to have an injury to the head, face, ears, neck, stomach, or, genitals even when the injury is alleged to be accidental for the purpose of documentation.

2.  OCS contract agency notification to OKDHS, disposition of OCS services, and OKDHS responsibility.

(1) When there is an open CW case, within two hours' notice of the occurrence of the critical incident, the OCS contractor notifies the CW specialist and CW supervisor by phone or email of the circumstances that created the critical incident and enters the CIR in external KIDS within 48 hours.

(2) When the CW case is closed, the OCS contractor provides the same notification OCS contract liaison.

(3) When a child in an open case has a physical injury, the CW specialist follows Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:75-3-130 ITS. 

3.  CIR distribution.

(1) When there is an open CW case with an open court case, OKDHS attaches the CIR to the appropriate report to the court for the next hearing.

(2) When a child sustains a serious injury and there is an open CW case with an open court case, OKDHS provides the CIR to the court within one-business day after the injury occurs.

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