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340:75-1-152.6. Comprehensive Home-Based Services (CHBS) maintenance level services

Revised 7-19-21

        Maintenance level CHBS:

(1) is approved by the Oklahoma Children's Services (OCS) contract liaison when a family:

(A) achieves most of the risk-related goals; or

(B) is required to participate in other ongoing services as part of an individualized service plan or court order; and

(2) requires the OCS contractor has a minimum of a one-hour, face-to-face meeting each month with the primary caregiver and the child 5 years of age or younger.  Additional visits with a paraprofessional may be arranged by the OCS contractor, when appropriate.  • 1


Revised 7-19-21

1.  Maintenance level requests.  Required monthly staffings include discussion regarding the family's progress, need for changes to current services, and future planning.

(1) When a family makes sufficient progress in reducing risk, a step-down in service intensity to maintenance level may be appropriate.  Reduced visits acknowledge the family's achievements and allow time for the completion of any remaining tasks before services are terminated.

(2) When the child welfare specialist agrees, an effective date to begin maintenance level services is determined and communicated to the Oklahoma Children's Services (OCS) contract liaison, and the OCS contractor gives notice to the person responsible for the child's health, safety, or welfare, verbally or in writing, prior to the date maintenance services take effect.

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