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340:70-9-17. Family planning services

Revised 7-1-07

      Family planning services include information and counseling services, and referrals to medical providers of family planning services.  This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, physical examinations, laboratory tests, tubal ligations for women over 21, vasectomies for men over 21, and birth control supplies.  • 1

  • (1) When the family has the goal of preventing unwanted pregnancy, limiting family size, and spacing births of children, the worker has the responsibility to assist the family to become aware of how the utilization of family planning services can affect the future plans of the person as well as the functioning of the entire family unit.
  • (2) If the person requesting family planning services is not eligible for SoonerCare, the worker determines whether the person is eligible for the stand-alone Family Planning Waiver program outlined in OAC 317:35-7-48.
  • (3) In addition to offering family planning services to the adult members of the family, the worker assists the family in assessing the need for family planning services for any child, both male and female, in the household.
    • (A) The worker assists the family to become aware of some of the consequences of adolescent pregnancy.
    • (B) When there is a need for family planning services for any minor child in the household, the minor child may self-refer to the SoonerCare medical provider of his or her choice.
  • (4) If the family and worker decide that family planning services are needed, the worker refers the family to their SoonerCare medical provider.


Revised 7-1-07

1.The worker documents all offers, discussions, and acceptance or declination of family planning services in the Family Assistance/Client Services (FACS) system, Social tab of the Interview Notebook and in FACS Case Notes.

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