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340:65-3-7. Application denial

Revised 9-15-17

(a) When the applicant is unwilling to cooperate in establishing eligibility, or when eligibility cannot be established, the worker denies the application.A computer-generated denial notice is sent to the applicant or his or her representative except in the case of death.   • 1

(1) Refer to Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:65-3-2 for the definition of what constitutes an application for each program.

(2) Before denying an application with incomplete documentation, the worker must provide the applicant Form 08AD092E, Client Contact and Information Request, giving him or her at least 10-calendar days to provide the missing proof.When requested, the worker provides assistance in obtaining necessary proof.The worker's assistance may range from explaining how or where to obtain proof to the worker obtaining the proof when the client is unable to do so.The worker is not required to obtain proof for a client who is able, but unwilling to do so.

(3) When an applicant verbally asks to withdraw his or her application before the worker determines eligibility, the worker asks the applicant to put the withdrawal request in writing.The worker denies the application based on the reason given by the applicant.  • 2

(4) When the worker is unable to locate the applicant to complete the application, he or she denies the application.  • 3

(5) The applicant may request a fair hearing within the specified time of the notice when he or she disagrees with the action taken.Refer to OAC 340:2-5 for fair hearing procedures.

(b) A new application is not required when, after denial, the household completes the application process and is determined eligible within 60-calendar days of the initial application date.When the household does not complete the application process by the 30th day following denial, when specified by the program, benefits are prorated from the date eligibility is determined.   • 4

Instructions to staff 340:65-3-7

Revised 9-15-17

1.(a) Refer to Appendix U, Reasons for Negative Benefit Actions, to choose the most appropriate reason for denial.

(b) When the applicant dies and there are no other household members, the worker denies the application using "death or code 01."

(c) Refer to Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:65-3-9 for a list of the variable conditions of eligibility for each program.

2.(a) When the applicant does not put the denial request in writing, the worker denies the application based on the verbal request and informs the applicant of the right to reapply.

(b) The worker documents in FACS case notes the:

(1) date the applicant verbally requested denial of the application;

(2) reason given; and

(3) worker's request to put the denial request in writing.

3.(a) The worker denies the application using the reason, 'unable to locate' code 43 when there are indications the applicant does not live at the address given.Possible indications include, when the:

(1) post office returns mail as undeliverable and does not give a forwarding address;

(2) worker attempts to call the client after receiving returned mail, and the phone number is disconnected; or

(3) worker makes a home visit and the residence appears vacant.

(b) The worker notes the reason the application was denied and documents all attempts to locate the applicant in FACS case notes.

4.When the worker denies the application and the applicant provides eligibility information between the 31st- and 60th-calendar day of the application date, a new application is not needed.The date the applicant provides necessary information is the new application date.Refer to:

(1) OAC 340:50-3-1(d) for food benefits; and

(2) OAC 340:40-3-1(c)(2) for child care subsidy benefits.

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