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340:65-1-5. Authorization to destroy numbered closed case records or information and referral only material

Revised 9-15-22

(a) Record destruction. Quarterly, the Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) Records Management Coordinator sends an administrative memorandum authorizing county offices to pull cases that have been inactive for three years and send them to the OKDHS Supply Warehouse for destruction.  • 1  Before sending the memorandum, the OKDHS Records Center receives destruction authorization from the State Records Administrator, per Section 204 of Title 67 of the Oklahoma Statutes (67 O.S. § 204), and notification from the appropriate federal agency that the audit for that year was completed.  • 2 

(b) Information and referral only destruction.  The county office may destroy Information and referral only material concerning a particular person when there has been no activity regarding the person for three calendar years.  Special authorization from the OKDHS Records Management Coordinator is not required prior to destroying this material, per 67 O.S. § 211.


Revised 9-15-22

1.  (a) The list of records located on-line through Content Management onDemand (CMOD) is a tool for identifying closed cases eligible for destruction.  Updates to closed cases that change the date of last change can prevent a case from appearing on the list of records.  When the county office determines that a case is eligible for destruction, but the case does not appear on the list, the county may send the case to security destruction.

(b) The county office may choose to send closed case records having no overpayment, or those with the overpayment paid in full, and no legal actions pending, to security destruction when they have been closed for three full state fiscal years. 

(c) Case records are eligible for destruction after being inactive for three calendar years, but they may not be physically destroyed until the entire state fiscal year is concluded and the Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) Records Center receives the authorization memorandum from the State Records Administrator.  For example, a record that became inactive in August 2018 is eligible for destruction in August 2021.  However, July 2021 is the beginning of the 2022 state fiscal year; therefore, this record may not be destroyed until July 1, 2023.

2. (a) Cases marked "Restitution" or cases containing overpayments are not normally destroyed until the overpayments are paid in full, and then the three-year rule is followed. 

(b) Cases are not destroyed when OKDHS or the Oklahoma Health Care Authority filed a lien against the recipient's real property or could file a claim to recover medical services costs rendered after July 1, 1994.  Those cases must be retained for three years after the lien was released or the claim was satisfied. 

(c) Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) cases closed or denied due to receipt of a lump sum payment are not destroyed until the ineligibility period expires when the ineligibility period exceeds three years.

(d) On occasion, OKDHS State Office notifies the county not to destroy a certain case.

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