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340:61-1-4. Repatriation Program (RP) services provisions

REVISED 9-15-22

(a) Temporary assistance.  The RP defines temporary assistance as cash payments, medical care that includes counseling, temporary or permanent housing, transportation, and other goods and services necessary for the repatriate's health or welfare.

(1) All funds are issued as a loan that must be repaid to the United States Government.

(2) The repatriate may request a waiver or repayment deferral for funds expended on his or her behalf within 30-calendar days of receiving a demand for payment letter from the Office of Human Services Emergency Preparedness and Response (OHSEPR) or its contracted agency.  The letter advises the repatriate who to contact to request the waiver or repayment deferral.  • 1

(b) Cash assistance.  The repatriate is eligible to receive a cash assistance loan equivalent to three months of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) for the same family size as shown on Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) Appendix C-1, Maximum Income, Resource, and Payment Standards, Schedule IX.  The cash assistance is issued after the repatriate signs the repayment agreement.  • 2

(c) Social services.  Upon receipt of the information referral packet, the Adult and Family Services (AFS) repatriation coordinator reviews the assessment information provided regarding the repatriate and his or her dependents to determine the repatriate's identified social service needs.

(1) In addition to or instead of cash assistance, the assessment information may indicate the repatriate needs other types of temporary assistance.

(2) The repatriation coordinator and local county staff develop a tentative plan to meet the repatriate's social service needs prior to the repatriate's arrival.  This plan is presented to the repatriate at the airport.  The repatriate is free to accept or reject any part of the service plan.  Refer to Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:61-1-3 regarding minors and mentally incompetent adults.

(3) The service plan includes helping the repatriate apply for all public assistance he or she appears eligible to receive including programs administered by OKDHS and other local agencies.  RP funds are not expended when the services are available free of charge.

(A) Public assistance benefit programs administered by AFS include TANF, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program food benefits, Child Care Subsidy Program, and SoonerCare (Medicaid) medical benefits.  • 3

(B) Depending on the repatriate's circumstances, he or she may also be eligible for services administered by other divisions within OKDHS including the Developmental Disability Services, Community Living, Aging and Protective Services, and Child Support Services.

(C) Public assistance available through other local agencies may include housing assistance, benefits from the Social Security Administration, food banks, help finding a job, transportation, clothing closets, or medical clinics.  • 4

(4) OKDHS or other appropriate agency staff meeting the repatriate at the airport presents all available options to the repatriate prior to signing a repayment agreement.  This allows the repatriate to make an informed decision about accepting an RP loan.

(d) Medical assistance.  When the repatriate needs immediate medical attention, the repatriation coordinator locates a medical provider willing to treat the repatriate upon arrival.  OHSEPR reimburses the medical provider reasonable, allowable, and allocable expenses that are not covered by an outside source such as insurance or SoonerCare (Medicaid).  • 5 



REVISED 9-15-22

1. International Social Services United States of America (ISS-USA) sends the demand for payment letter when the temporary assistance case closes and includes information about the waiver or payment deferral process.  The letter directs the repatriate to send necessary paperwork to the address listed on the letter.  The repatriate may also call ISS-USA at 443-451-1200 or visit the ISS website at

2. The repatriation coordinator arranges for Oklahoma Human Services Financial Services staff to issue the cash assistance.  Refer to Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:61-1-3 Instructions to Staff (ITS) # 9 for issuance procedures.

3. The repatriation coordinator or local county staff makes arrangements for the repatriate to apply for all benefits may be eligible to receive.  Approval of benefits is expedited if possible.

4. The repatriate is given a list of available community resources for future reference.  When services are needed immediately such as transportation from the airport or temporary housing, the repatriation coordinator or local county staff makes these arrangements prior to the repatriate's arrival.

5. A sample medical provider letter is included in the information referral packet.

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