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340:50-5-68. Social Security numbers

Revised 6-1-11

(a) Each household member must provide his or her Social Security number (SSN) when applying for participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).  The worker explains to the applicant that refusal to provide SSNs will result in disqualification of the person for whom a SSN is not provided.  • 1

  • (1) If an applicant cannot provide a SSN, proof of application is required prior to certification for each household member except a newborn.
  • (2) The household must provide the SSN or proof of application for the newborn at its next recertification or within six months following the month the baby is born, whichever is later.

(b) If the worker determines a household member has refused or failed to make all efforts to apply for or provide a SSN for a household member, that person is ineligible to participate in SNAP.

  • (1) The disqualification applies to the person for whom the SSN is not provided and not to the entire household.
  • (2) The income of persons disqualified for failure to provide a SSN are considered in determining food benefit eligibility.
  • (3) Disqualification ends when the SSN is provided or the SSN application is made and verified.

Revised 6-1-09

1.(a) In determining if good cause exists for failure to comply with the requirement to apply for or provide a Social Security number (SSN), the worker considers information from the household member and the Social Security Administration (SSA).

(1) Documentary evidence or collateral information the household member has applied for a SSN or made every effort to supply SSA with the necessary information to complete an application for a SSN is considered good cause for not complying timely with this requirement.

(A) Good cause does not include delays due to illness, lack of transportation, or temporary absences, because SSA makes provisions for mail-in applications in lieu of applying in person.

(B) If the household member can show good cause why an application for a SSN has not been completed in a timely manner, that person is allowed to participate for one month in addition to the month of application.

(2) If the household member applying for a SSN has been unable to obtain the documents required by SSA, the worker makes every effort to assist the person in obtaining these documents.

(3) Good cause for failure to apply is documented monthly in the Family Assistance/Client Services (FACS) case notes in order for the household member to continue to participate.

(b) Once it is documented that an application for a SSN has been filed, the household member participates pending notification of the household member's SSN.

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