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340:50-11-105. Joint Social Security Income and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Application procedures

Revised 9-15-23

(a) Eligible persons.  Per Section 273.2(k) of Title 7 of the Code of Federal Regulations (7 C.F.R. § 273.2(k)), the Social Security Administration (SSA) accepts Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program applications for Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS).  To apply with SSA, the SNAP household may only include Supplemental Security Income (SSI) applicants or recipients.  SSA also does not accept applications when the household:

(1) currently receives SNAP and is not due for a certification renewal; or

(2) has already applied for SNAP in the past 60-calendar days. 

(b) Application Procedures.  SSA informs SSI applicants and recipients of their right to apply for SNAP with SSA or OKDHS.

(1) When the SSI applicant or recipient accepts the offer to apply with SSA, SSA:

(A) follows the instructions in the SSA Program Operations Manual System to complete the SNAP application and interview;

(B) provides the SNAP application to OKDHS;

(C) prescreens the application for expedited service and indicates potential expedited service eligibility on the SSA-4233 form;

(D) suggests the household may receive quicker service by applying in person at an OKDHS office when the household qualifies for expedited service;

(E) accepts any available verification the household has and provides it to OKDHS; and

(F) completes the SSA-4233 form to record eligibility information revealed by the SSA interview and any potential missing verification and provides this form to OKDHS.

(2) When an SSI applicant or recipient declines to apply with SSA or does not meet the criteria in (a) of this Section, SSA refers them to,, or the nearest OKDHS office.

(c) OKDHS procedures.  When SSA submits a SNAP application to OKDHS, the OKDHS worker:

(1) screens the application for expedited service on the date OKDHS receives the application;

(2) calculates expedited service from the day OKDHS receives the application online or in the OKDHS office;

(3) processes the application within 30-calendar days of when SSA received the signed application;

(4) uses the interview completed and eligibility information provided on the SSA-4233 to determine the household's eligibility;

(5) does not contact the household or request additional information or verification unless the application is incomplete, per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:50-3-1, missing mandatory verification, per OAC 340:50-3-3(b), or contains questionable information, per OAC 340:50-3-3(f);

(6) completes an incomplete application or obtains any missing or needed verification without requiring a household to come to an OKDHS office;

(7) applies OAC 50-11-111 to determine if a household is categorically eligible;

(8) identifies applications from SSA Prerelease Program for the Institutionalized and follows the procedures in (d) of this Section; and

(9) employs ordinary SNAP procedures except for the requirements of this subsection.

(d) SSA Prerelease Program for the Institutionalized.  Per 7 C.F.R. 273.11(i), public institution residents may apply for SSI and SNAP before their release from the institution through the SSA Prerelease Program for the Institutionalized.  The OKDHS worker uses the resident's release date as the application date for these applications.  Expedited service and the 30-calendar day processing timeframes begin on the release date.

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