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340:50-11-23. Eligibility determination for households within the Simplified Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SSNAP)

Revised 9-15-22

(a) SSNAP eligibility determination.  All households within the SSNAP scope meet applicable Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) eligibility rules, per Sections 273.23 and 273.25 of Title 7 of the Code of Federal Regulations and Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:50-11-20. 

(1) Income determination.  SSNAP uses TANF income definitions to determine food benefit income.  • 1  When there is a TANF case and a companion State Supplemental Payment (SSP) case for the aged, blind, or disabled, income definitions for TANF and SSP apply.  Income amounts converted from the TANF and SSP cases to food benefit income are classified as unearned income.  Food benefit unearned income is computed for:

(A) TANF cash assistance only.  The worker subtracts the non-fraud related recoupment from the exempt earned income and adds the remaining exempt earned income to the payment standard for the household size, per Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) Appendix C-1, Maximum Income, Resource, and Payment Standards, Schedule IX; or

(B) TANF with companion SSP case(s). The companion case's total countable income is added to the primary food benefit case's countable income.

(2) Resource determination.  SSNAP households are considered resource eligible when they meet resource requirements for TANF and, when applicable, SSP.

(3) Non-financial eligibility criteria.  SSNAP households must fulfill all applicable SNAP nonfinancial eligibility requirements, per Subchapter 5 of this Chapter.

(4) Deduction determination.  The allowable deductions for SSNAP, when applicable, are shelter, utilities, medical expenses, and dependent care as determined and verified, per OAC 340:50-7-31.  Medical expenses are verified only when allowing the medical expense deduction increases the food benefit amount.  • 2 

(b) Food benefit allotments.  Food benefit allotments are determined, per Sections 2012 and 2017 of Title 7 of the United States Code.  Refer to OKDHS Appendix C-3, Maximum Food Benefit Allotments and Standards, for Income and Deductions for food benefit allotment amounts.

(c) Food benefit proration.  Food benefit allotments for an initial month are prorated from the date of application.  Initial month means the first month the household is certified for food benefits following any time period during which the household was not certified.  Food benefits are not prorated when benefits change from non-PA to SSNAP if there is no break in service.      

Revised 9-15-22

1. Food benefit income verification is not required since it is verified for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families case.  All companion cases must be cross-referenced correctly before the computer can calculate the correct income.  Overpayments and underpayments caused by incorrect coding of companion case(s) are agency error.

2.   Verification, when required, is documented in the Family Assistance Client/ Services (FACS) Case Notes.

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