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340:50-10-5. Replacement of lost, stolen, or destroyed Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards

Revised 9-16-19

When the client or authorized representative requests replacement of a lost, stolen, or destroyed Access Oklahoma electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card, staff advises the person to phone the EBT contractor at 1-888-328-6551 or to go online at to cancel the current card and request a replacement.  • 1

(1) Local EBT specialists cannot issue initial or replacement EBT cards containing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) food benefits.

(2) The worker requests the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) Financial Services Electronic Payment Services (EPS) Unit assistance in issuing a replacement card, when:  • 2

(A) SNAP expedited services are approved for the month the replacement is requested;

(B) an EBT card was previously issued, but the applicant never received benefits or has not received SNAP food benefits for at least 24 months;

(C) an EBT card containing SNAP food benefits is returned to the county office because it is demagnetized or in an unusable condition;

(D) the EBT card contains food and child care benefits in application or open status; or

(E) the county director approves requesting EPS assistance because of special circumstances, such as when a homeless person uses the county office as a mailing address, when a treatment center client leaves the treatment center, or other limited circumstances.

(3) The EBT contractor mails replacement EBT cards by the next business day after the client requests a replacement card.  Replacement cards take seven- to 10-calendar days to receive.  EPS staff remotely print EBT cards to the local county office's embosser the date they receive replacement requests.  

Revised 1-13-23

1. (a) An electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card is considered:

(1) lost when the client had an EBT card but cannot locate it;

(2) damaged when the EBT card is unreadable, the magnetic strip no longer works, or the card is torn; or

(3) stolen when the client reports the theft to Conduent.  The client is not required to file a police report.

(b) When the client calls Conduent to request a replacement card, Conduent asks the client to provide the EBT card number and the personal identification number (PIN).  When the client:

(1) does not know the EBT card number, the client waits to answer until prompted to enter the EBT card number, report a lost or stolen EBT card, or to enter personal information.  The client then chooses option three to enter personal information and is then prompted to provide the client's Social Security number (SSN);

(2) enters a valid SSN on file in the information management system (IMS), the client is prompted to enter the date of birth and PIN number.  When the SSN and date of birth match the PIN number provided, the client is then asked to select different options that includes replacing an EBT card; or

(3) does not know the PIN number, the client must contact the Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) office for card replacement.  Field staff confirms the person's identity and then emails Financial Services (FS) Electronic Payment Systems (EPS) staff at to request a replacement card be mailed to the client.  Staff must include the client's case number, cardholder name, and confirm the address in IMS is correct.

(c) Benefits used from the account of a stolen or lost card cannot be replaced unless the Office of Inspector General (OIG) notifies the Adult and Family Services (AFS) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) staff that the client reported the EBT card was lost or stolen by calling 1-888-328-6551 and benefits were subsequently withdrawn from the account after being reported lost or stolen.  AFS SNAP staff notifies the worker when recipient food benefits are replaced for this specific reason.

(d) Refer to Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:65-3-6.1 for more information regarding replacement cards.

2. The EBT specialist enters information into the CARDR screen to request a replacement EBT card be issued by EPS staff and enters information in the Comments area regarding why a replacement card is needed.

(1) When the client requests an EBT replacement card, but leaves prior to receiving the printed card and does not return before the end of the business day, the EBT specialist destroys the card and logs the card number on the Destruction Log found at, Form 10EB008E, Bulk EBT Monthly Inventory Reconciliation Report, and Form 10EB002E, Access Oklahoma EBT System Daily Card Issuance Report, that same day.  The EBT specialist requests a new replacement EBT card through the CARDR screen when the client returns to the OKDHS office.

(2) Form 10EB008E, and Form 10EB002E are kept for three years after completion, for audit and review purposes.

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