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340:5-7-5. Initiating Long Term Care Investigations

A Long Term Care Investigation is initiated by visiting the vulnerable adult in the nursing facility.  • 1

(1) Long-Term Care Investigation timeframes.  Maltreatment reports are initiated within 20-business days or sooner when circumstances indicate immediate action is needed.

(2) Long-Term Care investigative report completion.

(A) The long-term care investigator determines within 60-business days of the receipt of the report, if the evidence indicates the report is substantiated, unsubstantiated, or inconclusive, per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:5-1-6.  The program manager may extend the case closure date when necessary.

(B) The findings are sent to state entities with concurrent jurisdiction over the persons or issues identified in the investigation, such as the Oklahoma State Department of Health, local district attorney, Long-Term Care Ombudsman in Aging Services, and appropriate state licensure or certification boards, agencies, or registries.  The special considerations in OAC 340:5-5-4(d) and(e) apply to Long-Term Care Investigations.

Revised 9-15-2021

1. (a) All information pertaining to a long-term care investigation is maintained by Long-Term Care Investigations.  The county office does not maintain case records on these referrals.

(b) When the investigation is completed, a summary of the final OKDHS investigative report is faxed, emailed, or mailed by the office completing the investigation to the appropriate state agency or entity with jurisdiction over the person or issues identified in the investigation, such as OSDH, Protective Health Services 1000 N.E. 10 St., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  73104; fax  405-271-2206, email, or toll-free fax number 1-866-239-7553; the local assistant district attorney; or the OKDHS Long-Term Care Ombudsman Aging Services, 405-521-6734 or fax 405-522-6739.  The findings are mailed to the alleged victim's family.

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