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Library: Policy

340:5-5-7. Termination of adult protective services

Revised 9-15-2021

    Adult protective services are terminated when the situation that prompted the referral is remedied, the vulnerable adult's circumstances are stable, or the vulnerable adult refuses to accept services.  Cases for vulnerable adults for whom Oklahoma Human Services has a current guardianship or remand are terminated only when the court order dismissing the temporary guardianship is filed.  These cases remain active and follow-up activities are documented as required by Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:5-5-3(11), as long as the court order is in effect.  • 1

Revised 9-15-2021

1. When preventive or supportive intervention services continue to be necessary, they are documented in the Adult Protective Services (APS) Computer System Service Plan Section.  If another referral is received and assigned for the individual, a new case is initiated and documented in the APS Computer System.

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