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340:5-5-8. Case destruction

Revised 9-15-2021

(a) The destruction of Adult Protective Services files is done, per Oklahoma Human Services Consolidated Records Disposition Schedule.  • 1

(b) Records of investigations conducted, per The Protective Services for Vulnerable Adults Act, Section 10-110 of Title 43A of the Oklahoma Statutes, are not expunged except by court order.  • 2


Revised 9-15-2021

1. Access the Records Management website for the Consolidated Records Disposition Schedule for Adult Protective Services (APS) records.

2. (a) When Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) is or was appointed as the vulnerable adult's temporary guardian, any petition or motion requesting that investigative records be expunged is filed under the same case number.

(b) When a copy of a petition or motion to expunge records, a copy of a notice of hearing on such a petition or motion, or a copy of a court order is received pertaining to or directing that records be expunged, the APS specialist immediately contacts OKDHS Legal Services (LS).  LS staff decides what records to expunge, which includes, but is not limited to, written records.

(1) LS may request the case or copies of the case.  The APS specialist is responsible for getting the information to LS within five-business days.

(2) LS notifies APS State Office staff of the action taken.

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