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340:40-10-3. Misuse of the electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card

Revised 9-15-22

(a) When the worker becomes aware that the client or the authorized representative of the client is misusing his or her EBT card, the worker cancels that EBT card.

(b) Misuse can occur when the client or authorized representative gives his or her EBT card to another person, such as the child care provider, to record attendance or when the client knowingly records incorrect attendance dates and times.  • 1

(c) Before the EBT specialist issues a new EBT card, the client or authorized representative must view the EBT training video regarding proper use of the EBT card again.

Revised 9-15-22

1. (a) The worker may become aware that the client is misusing his or her electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card in several ways.  The most common are:

(1) the client reports giving the EBT card to the child care provider or another misuse;

(2) someone observes EBT cards in the child care provider's possession and reports it to Oklahoma Human Services staff; or

(3) the worker notices that attendance is recorded at different days and times than child care is authorized.

(b) The worker:

(1) talks to the client about any such allegation to determine why the violation happened and to ensure the client is aware of correct procedure;

(2) asks the client to put all comments in written form; and

(3) sends Form 19MP001E, Referral Form, to the Office of Inspector General regarding EBT card misuse and attaches any written documentation to the referral.

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