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Library: Policy

340:25-5-200.1. Administrative review process

Revised 9-15-16

(a) When the opportunity for administrative review is specifically provided by statute, federal regulation, or administrative rule, and a procedure for administrative review is not otherwise prescribed, Child Support Services (CSS) uses the procedure described in this Section.

(b) CSS notifies parties of the opportunity to request an administrative review of the action by regular mail.Notices include the date of mailing, a description of the grounds for requesting administrative review, and instructions for the time and manner to request the review in writing.

(c) Upon timely receipt of a written request for an administrative review, the CSS office conducts a review within 30-calendar days or within a shorter period when otherwise required.Reviews are usually desk reviews completed by CSS staff using available information from the parties and electronic resources.When a meeting or phone conference is necessary, CSS notifies the parties.

(d) The review is conducted by a CSS representative.The representative may contact any of the parties when additional information or clarification is required.

(e) After completion of the review, the CSS office issues a notice of administrative review decision regarding the disputed action.CSS mails the notice of the administrative review decision to the parties by regular mail.

(f) When the parties disagree with the notice of administrative review decision, the parties have 20-calendar days from the date of mailing the review decision to request a hearing.

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