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340:25-5-185.1. Docketing

Revised 7-1-05

The Child Support Enforcement Division  promptly dockets child support orders entered by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Office of Administrative Hearings: Child Support within 30 days with the appropriate district court under Sections 238.1, 238.6B, and 240.2 of Title 56 of the Oklahoma Statutes. Prompt docketing gives notice of the existence of the administrative order so other issues will be filed in the same district court case number.   • 1 & 2


Revised 7-1-05

1.  Prompt docketing of child support orders:

(1) ensures proper assignment of child support cases to the district office serving the county where the Oklahoma order for current child support was entered or docketed in district court under OAC 340:25-5-124; and

(2) expedites enforcement actions that are done through the district court.

2.  As part of the establishment of the child support order process, child support staff use the Request to Docket Administrative Order document on the automated Oklahoma Support Information System (OSIS).  Child support staff file this document in the appropriate district court with the administrative establishment order attached.

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