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Library: Policy

340:2-5-96. Hearing summary

Issued 06-27-02

(a) As soon as a request for a hearing is received, the child welfare worker, Children and Family Services Division (CFSD) program staff responsible for the Adoption Assistance Program, or Developmental Disabilities Services Division programs manager, as applicable, prepares the hearing summary on Form H-1-A (new Form 13MP001E), Hearing Summary.  The areas that are covered include:

  • (1) the type of decision, action, or inaction on the part of the local office;
  • (2) nature of resource family's complaint;
  • (3) point at issue, exactly what the resource family is appealing;
  • (4) chronological summary of pertinent events and evidence leading to the action or inaction;
  • (5) policy including:
    • (A) verbatim quotations from the manual regarding the policy on which the decision was based; or
    • (B) copies of applicable policy with the pertinent portions marked;
  • (6) evidence and pertinent documents supporting the action of the local office; and
  • (7) any other items required by the Department of Human Services (DHS) regulations.

(b) A copy of Form H-1-A (new Form 13MP001E) is mailed or hand-delivered to the resource family as soon as a copy of the notification of the hearing date is received from the Appeals Unit.

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