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Library: Policy

340:2-37-1. Purpose, authority, and scope

Revised 9-15-21

(a) Purpose.  The Office of Communications coordinates the dissemination of information about the Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS).

(b) Authority.  The Office of Communications operates under the authority of the Director of Human Services.

(c) Scope.  The Office of Communications:

(1) communicates a clear vision of OKDHS;

(2) conveys to large and varied audiences information about programs, services, operations, and actions undertaken by OKDHS and its agents;

(3) monitors health and human services issues as reported by the media on state and national levels;

(4) acts in an advisory role supporting all OKDHS programs, other state agencies, county and local governments, advocacy groups, community organizations, and trade and professional organizations;

(5) provides support and leadership for OKDHS celebrations and employee quality recognition events;

(6) monitors OKDHS communications-related activities and contracts;

(7) coordinates and monitors OKDHS public service campaigns and provides support for public service and education projects;

(8) serves as the central point of media contact and responds or arranges for a response to all inquiries from newspaper, magazine, radio, online and television media;

(9) develops and disseminates OKDHS media releases;

(10) provides communications training to OKDHS staff on media interviews, public relations, public speaking, and other communications matters;

(11) publishes information and produces videos for internal employee communication;

(12) oversees Internet, Intranet, and other technology-driven communications content to ensure the delivery of clear and accurate messages;

(13) serves as a point of clearance on communication materials and tools;

(14) monitors and ensures the appropriate use of OKDHS brands, logos, and other images uniquely associated with the OKDHS image; and

(15) complies with the Open Records Act through rules governing the receipt and processing of open records requests from members of the media per Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:2-21-12 through 340:2-21-16.

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