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Library: Policy

340:2-37-5. Internet and Intranet communication

Revised 9-15-15

(a) Purpose.  Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) is committed to using electronic technology efficiently and effectively to:

(1) provide Oklahoma citizens and OKDHS employees, clients, and partners with current, accurate, and accessible information about OKDHS programs and services;

(2) communicate with contracted service providers in a more efficient and cost-effective manner;

(3) distribute information electronically to save money and production time; and

(4) promote partnerships with organizations that share OKDHS interests.

(b) Applicability.  This rule applies to all:

(1) OKDHS programs, and offices; and

(2) contractors and consultants, including those who operate or maintain websites for OKDHS entities.

(c) Scope. The Office of Communications serves as the OKDHS web content manager.  • 1


 Revised 9-15-20

1. (a) Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) Internet and Intranet pages adhere to OKDHS rules and standards for the web in this Section and located on the OKDHS Intranet.

(b) OKDHS social media postings for public communication adhere to the OKDHS Social Networking and Social Media rules.  Postings are approved and posted by the OKDHS Office of Communications.

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