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Library: Policy

340:2-35-4. Requirements for volunteers

Revised 7-13-06

(a) General.  To protect the rights of clients and volunteers and to properly integrate volunteers into the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) service systems, volunteers are required to:

  • (1) be at least 18 years of age and demonstrate an interest in and a concern for the needs of others;
  • (2) attend an orientation and training session outlining the various OKDHS programs and services;
  • (3) agree to the confidentiality requirement on all cases and agree to follow OKDHS rules;
  • (4) carry Form VOL-1 (new form number 22VL001E), Volunteer Identification Card, while on duty; and
  • (5) have adequate automobile liability insurance and valid driver's license if transporting clients.

(b) Individual volunteers.  An extensive screening process is required for prospective volunteers recruited for direct care services to OKDHS clients. 

  • (1) This process includes entrance and placement interviews and the completion of Forms:
    • (A) VOL-3 (new form number 22VL003E), Volunteer Agreement;  • 1
    • (B) VOL-5 (new form number 22VL005E), Application for Volunteer Service;  • 1
    • (C) VOL-7 (new form number 22VL007E), Volunteer Reference Letter, as required; and
    • (D) VOL-9 (new form number 22VL009E), Volunteer Interview Report. 
  • (2) Before placement, volunteers in direct care service must have a background check through the Child Abuse and Neglect Information System (CANIS), Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI), Department of Public Safety, and other applicable background checks. 
  • (3) Screening requirements are less restrictive for volunteers who will not be placed in one-on-one relationships with OKDHS clients.
  • (4) Form VOL-1 (new form number 22VL001E) is issued to the volunteer at the time of certification by the local office.

(c) Volunteer groups.  In situations where a group of individuals volunteer their services for a group project such as Boy Scouts, a high school class, or military group, the minimum age requirement may be waived.  • 2

  • (1) The person responsible for supervising the group must be an approved volunteer.   
  • (2) It is not necessary for each individual member of a volunteer group to complete Form VOL-5 (new form number 22VL005E).  The person responsible for the group signs Form VOL-2 (new form number 22VL002E), Volunteer Group Agreement, and attests for all the group members who participate. 
  • (3) The group must be approved as a OKDHS volunteer group by the volunteer coordinator.

1.  Forms VOL-3 (new form number 22VL003E), Volunteer Agreement and VOL-5 (new form number 22VL005E), Application for Volunteer Service, must be signed by the volunteer and kept on file in the local office.

2.   These projects may include money raising activities, mowing clients' lawns, repairing clients' homes, or similar projects.

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