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340:2-3-75. Office of Client Advocacy (OCA) services specific to clients with special advocacy needs

Revised 9-17-18

(a) Application.This Section describes advocacy services OCA may provide to Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) clients who are not otherwise eligible for OCA advocacy services but have a special short-term need for OACadvocacy assistance.

(b) Scope.Upon a determination that good cause exists, OACadvocacy services may be provided to individuals eligible to receive DDS services and to children with an identified intellectual or developmental disability, who are in Oklahoma Department of Human Services custody.

(c) Requests for services.Any person may submit a request seeking short-term OACadvocacy services on behalf of a DDS client, by contacting the OCA Intake Unit.Verbal requests are accepted; however, written requests that explain the advocacy need are encouraged.

(1) When the OCA Intake Unit identifies a special advocacy need, a special advocacy request may be made.

(2) Factors considered in granting requests include:

(A) whether the matter is within OCA's jurisdiction;

(B) the existence of other resources to meet the client's need; and

(C) the urgency of the need.

(d) OCA advocacy provided.When a request for short-term advocacy is granted, the assigned OCA advocate provides the support and advocacy appropriate, given the nature of the problem and the risk of imminent harm.

(1) The OCA advocate, in consultation with his or her supervisor, prepares a time-limited plan for achieving advocacy need goals.  • 1

(2) Short-term advocacy assistance is provided for up to 30-calendar days.The OCA advocate's supervisor may, based upon written justification, extend the special advocacy assignment for up to three months.When necessary, the OCA advocacy programs administrator may, based upon additional written justification, further extend the special advocacy assignment.

(3) The OCA advocate has full access to the client's case record and is a member of the client's PST for the duration of the special advocacy assignment.  • 2

Revised 9-17-18

1.The client authorized to receive short-term advocacy services, is added to the Office of Client Advocacy (OCA) advocate caseload at the time of assignment.

2.The OCA advocate must provide written justification to his or her supervisor for any OCA advocacy special assignment that extends beyond 30-calendar days.The OCA advocate's supervisor must provide written justification to the OCA advocacy programs administrator for any OCA special advocacy assignment that extends beyond three months.

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