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Library: Policy

340:2-3-26. Customer complaint process

Revised 7-1-13

(a) Purpose and scope of the customer complaint process.  The customer complaint process provides Office of Client Advocacy (OCA) customers an opportunity to raise concerns about the OCA services they receive and to request a review from the advocate general or designee.  The process is available to OCA customers and clients, client relatives and associates, employees of other Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) programs, providers, and any other OCA customers.

(b) Procedure.

  • (1) Any customer who is dissatisfied with or has a concern about OCA services, practices, or procedures, or who considers the action or inaction of an OCA employee to be improper or discourteous, submits a written complaint detailing their concerns to the advocate general.  The complaint is sent either electronically to or by regular mail to Office of Client Advocacy, PO Box 25352, Oklahoma City, OK 73125.

  • (2) The advocate general or designee reviews the complaint and informs the complainant of the results of the review within 20 business days after receipt of the complaint.

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