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Library: Policy

340:2-28-17.1. Hearing room

Revised 9-15-21

(a) Unless all participants in a hearing are instructed to appear by video and/or telephonic means, each district child support office or the designated Oklahoma Human Services building hub for a district child support office must provide the administrative law judge (ALJ) with a hearing room designated for the exclusive use by the ALJ for the hearing.  The room provided must be large enough to accommodate the ALJ and required computer equipment as well as a minimum of six additional people during the hearing.

(b) No person shall carry a firearm or other weapon into the hearing room, except for law enforcement officers or security personnel in their official capacity for the purpose of providing security in the hearing room or law enforcement officers having a prisoner in custody.

(c) Other than those items belonging to the ALJ, briefcases, boxes, bags, purses, and any and all containers of any type are not permitted in the hearing room without permission of the ALJ.  The owners of those items are solely responsible for providing for the safekeeping of the items during the hearing.

(d) If all participants are instructed to appear for hearing by video and/or telephonic means, the district child support office may utilize a hearing room in compliance with those instructions but is not required to provide access to external participants.

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