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Library: Policy

340:2-28-4.1. Districts

Revised 9-17-18

The chief administrative law judge (ALJ) assigns ALJs to various child support districts within the state.Unless the assigned ALJ recuses or is otherwise unavailable, the assigned ALJ determines all actions in cases docketed by the child support districts to which that ALJ is assigned.However, if the assigned ALJ is not available for a docket or for an action in a case on the docket, the chief ALJ may assign another ALJ to the docket or to an action in a case, within the discretion of the chief ALJ, provided appropriate consideration is given to maintaining the ALJ's continuity in individual actions that he or she heard or partially-heard on the record.If an action was heard or partially-heard on the record by an ALJ who is later not immediately available, the chief ALJ or another ALJ, as designated by the chief ALJ, may continue the matter without hearing to a date when the assigned ALJ is available.The chief ALJ may delegate to the court clerks, as appropriate, the ability to secure an available ALJ to conduct a hearing, when the assigned ALJ is unavailable and no part of the individual action in a case has been previously heard on the record.

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