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340:2-17-3. Practicum placements

Issued 5-18-92

     The Department recognizes the value of practicum placements in furthering the education of graduate and undergraduate students interested in human services careers. Students selected for DHS practicum placements are supplied office space, stenographic staff, and travel reimbursement for visits from the office to assigned caseloads. College and universities with accredited human services curriculum and approved practicum plans may request practicum placement for qualified students. The school/student locates a practicum site and makes the initial contact with the DHS office and identifies a practicum instructor.

  • (1) When the DHS office and the school/student formulate agreed upon roles and responsibilities, a Practicum Request/Agreement, Form SD-4 (new form number 11PE206E), will be completed. The school will submit the Practicum Request/Agreement form to the Staff Development Unit for approval from the appropriate division administrator.
  • (2) SDU should be contacted if the DHS office and the school/student are unable to formulate an agreement or if the school needs assistance with the availability of student practicum placement.
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