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Library: Policy

340:2-17-2. Legal base and function

Issued 5-18-92

(a) Legal base. In accordance with 56 O.S. 1971, Section 177, and related statutes, the Human Services Commission has the authority to accept grants and to conform with requirements of any Federal agency or agencies which provide Federal monies to states. Many of the programs funded under the Federal Social Security Act and elsewhere require training and educational opportunities for employees of the Department, and the Staff Development Unit was established to assume this function.

(b) Function. An essential function of the Department is a continuing program of staff development for all employees without regard to race, sex, age, physical handicap, color, national origin or ancestry, creed, or political or religious opinions or affiliations. Staff Development Unit (SDU) personnel are assigned full-time responsibilities for staff training. Personnel in other units also have clearly identified and assigned responsibilities for on-going training and development of staff within their units.

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