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Library: Policy

340:2-11-92. Warrant control

Revised 9-15-21

(a) Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS), Financial Services (FS):

(1) oversees the mailing of all OKDHS-generated warrants as pursuant to Section 34.66 of Title 62 of the Oklahoma Statutes;

(2) makes proper disposition of returned warrants; and

(3) processes the issuance of replacement warrants.

(b) OKDHS warrants are automatically canceled if they are not presented to the State Treasurer's Office for redemption within 90-calendar days of the issue date.  Warrants canceled are reissued upon receipt of the canceled warrants and request for replacement.  

1.   (a) Form ADM-44, Affidavit of Lost or Destroyed Warrant, is the basic instrument for implementing reissuance of cancelled warrants.  Additional information may be needed to process a reissuance.

(b) Form ADM-44-A, Affidavit of Lost or Destroyed Voucher(s), is completed when benefits have been issued through the use of a voucher in lieu of a warrant.

(c) Form ADM-44-B, Affidavit of Forged Endorsement, is completed and provided with Form ADM-44 when a warrant was issued and cashed but was not cashed by the designated recipient of the benefit.

(d) Form ADM-44-C, Investigation Questionnaire, is used to obtain additional information that can assist in determining the status of an issued warrant. 

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