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340:2-11-151. Retailer adjustments for food benefits

Issued 6-1-08

(a) Retailers may request an adjustment to debit a recipient's Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) account due to a system outage at the time of purchase.  An adjustment is made within 15-calendar days of notice to Oklahoma Human Services and the recipient.  Payment can be taken from future benefits when the recipient's account does not have enough credit to process the complete transaction, per Part 274.20(g)(2)(ii) of Title 7 of the Code of Federal Regulations.  

(b) The recipient has the right to a fair hearing when the retailer adjustment is questioned.  • 1


Revised 9-15-21

1.  (a) Retailers must request an adjustment through the state Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) contractor.

(b) The contractor determines if the adjustment is a valid request due to a system outage and notifies the Financial Services Electronic Payment Systems (EPS).

(c) EPS notifies the recipient by letter of the adjustment request and the right to request a fair hearing.

(d) When a county office receives a fair hearing request, procedures, per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:2‑5‑61(d)(4) are followed.

(e) The worker:

(1) notifies EPS of the fair hearing request.  EPS:

(A) completes Form 13MP002E, Hearing Summary; and

(B) returns Form 13MP002E to the worker with the required documentation; and

(2) forwards to the recipient and the Legal Services Appeals Unit Form 13MP002E and documentation, per OAC 340:2-5-66.

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