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340:2-11-85. Collecting funds

Revised 9-15-21

(a) Central collection point.  Financial Services (FS) is responsible for collecting and initially disposing remittances from all sources received by Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS).  All OKDHS remittances are directed to OKDHS, Attn:  FS Revenue Processing, PO Box 53306, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73152.

(1) An employee may not endorse any remittance document on behalf of OKDHS without authorization from the chief financial officer (CFO).  • 1

(2) Each non-collectible remittance document, such as a check returned for insufficient funds, is held by FS until final disposition.

(b) Client trust deposits.  Deposits typically arise from Social Security benefits, child support payments, and OKDHS-provided spending allowances.  Client trust accounts are maintained, pursuant to Section 757 of Title 62 of the Oklahoma Statutes, to manage and account for financial deposits of clients who are in OKDHS custody.

(c) Donated funds.  The CFO is authorized to accept gifts and bequests on behalf of OKDHS.  OKDHS makes every effort to utilize gifts and bequests in accordance with donors' specific intents and makes the contents of donated fund accounts available for public inspection.  • 2

(d) Accounts receivable.  FS manages and collects OKDHS accounts receivable.

(1) Payments.  Payments to OKDHS are directed to FS.  Payments must identify the OKDHS-issued applicable billing or invoice identification information.  Failure to supply billing or invoice identification information may result in a debtor not being properly credited for payment.

(2) Statements.  Monthly statements are generated and sent to each OKDHS debtor.

(A) Each statement indicates the previous balance, current charges, payments received, and current balance due.

(B) Payments are due within 90-calendar days of the invoice date on the statement.

(C) Each debtor who has not made payment or has not made other satisfactory payment arrangements within 90-calendar days is notified in writing that the account may be referred for legal resolution, when full payment is not made within five-calendar days of receipt of the notice.

Revised 9-15-21

1.  (a) When it is necessary for the efficient flow of business, administrative staff, other than the Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) chief financial officer (CFO), may be authorized to endorse remittance documents.  The local office or facility administrator submits a memorandum to the CFO describing the situation that requires local remittance endorsements.

(b) The appropriate operating unit is notified when a remittance document is non-collectible.

2.   Gifts or bequests are processed, per (1) through (6) of this Instruction.

(1) Upon notification of a gift or bequest, Financial Services (FS), in coordination with Legal Services (LS) general counsel and the OKDHS program component for which the gift or bequest is intended, prepares an information memorandum for the OKDHS Director.  The memorandum identifies:

(A) the fund source;

(B) the amount;

(C) the intended use, as specified by the donor;

(D) the planned deposit arrangements;

(E) the specific uses to which the funds are applied; and

(F) any problems foreseen in accounting for or utilizing the funds.

(2) Gifts and bequests are not considered as income in the OKDHS budget process or in the State Equalization Board's revenue forecasting.  Donations are not transferred to operational funds, but are deposited in interest-bearing OKDHS special accounts or designated State Treasury Funds from which donated monies are disbursed, consistent with the Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act.

(3) All donations are continuously reviewed by FS, in coordination with LS, and the responsible program component, to ensure OKDHS meets the conditions or other legal requirements and, the donor's specific intent is followed to the extent possible.

(4) FS ensures that all accounting obligations to donors, and all other OKDHS obligations, are discharged in a timely manner.

(5) All disbursements from donated funds are made at the appropriate division director's or designee's request.  FS honors requests for disbursement in accord with all applicable state laws or other legal requirements of the gift.

(6) FS prepares a quarterly accounting of donated funds including fund balances, disbursements, and receipts.

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