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340:2-11-91. Claims audit

Revised 9-15-21

        Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS), Financial Services (FS) pre-audits and prepares all claims paid from administrative funds for payment, as pursuant to 62 O.S. §34.71, and clarified by the Office of Management and Enterprise Services Statewide Accounting Manual.

(1) Required information.

(A) Each claim or invoice submitted for payment must bear the vendor name, address, and the address to which payment is mailed.  The vendor's federal identification number (FIN) must be on file before a claim is processed for payment.

(B) Before an invoice is paid, information regarding the purchase must be submitted to FS, including:

(i) the invoice date;

(ii) the service or delivery date; and

(iii) an itemized list of:

(I) goods or services;

(II) quantities;

(III) descriptions;

(IV) prices; and

(V) contract numbers, when applicable.

(2) Timely claim submissions.  Claims against appropriated funds, including vendor claims for goods or services, are submitted within 90-calendar days of service and cannot be paid after 30 months from the effective appropriation date of the fiscal appropriation to which the goods or services are charged.

(3) Precluded payments.  OKDHS does not pay Oklahoma state sales tax, interest, or late charges except as pursuant to Section 41.4 of Title 62 of the Oklahoma Statutes.

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