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340:2-1-56. Criminal history background checks

Revised 9-15-21

(a) Criminal history background checks are completed for all employees prior to, and when necessary, during their employment when the scope of employment brings them into direct contact with any vulnerable population, per Section 162 of Title 56 of the Oklahoma Statutes (56 O.S. § 162).  The job categories within Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) subject to background searches prior to employment are determined at the discretion of the OKDHS Director.  Criminal history background checks can include, but are not limited to, a search of:

(1) the Oklahoma State Courts Network, including Oklahoma District Court records;

(2) the Restricted Registry maintained by OKDHS, per 10 O.S. § 405.3;

(3) the Department of Corrections files maintained by OKDHS, per the Sex Offender Registration Act, 56 O.S. § 404.1 and 56 O.S. § 162(C)(1);

(4) the Oklahoma Department of Corrections Violent Offender Registry, also known as the Mary Rippy Violent Crime Offender Registry;

(5) DHS abuse and neglect records;

(6) all applicable out-of-state child abuse and neglect registries when the subject of the search did not live in Oklahoma continuously for the past five years; and

(7) the Community Services Worker Registry, per 56 O.S. § 1025.3

(b) Applicants for positions requiring criminal history background checks are advised any offer of employment is conditional upon completion of a background check that reveals no disqualifying history.

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