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Library: Policy

340:110-3-154.3. Health and medical services

Revised 7-01-09

(a) Medical plan.  The facility has an operational plan to meet the individual medical needs of each resident based on information obtained from the admission assessment, physical examination by a health care professional, and observation during placement.

(b) Physical examination.  Each resident receives a physical examination annually, or at more frequent intervals as recommended by a health care professional.

(c) Medical care.  Each resident receives proper medical and dental care.  When a serious accident or illness occurs to a resident, the facility takes the necessary emergency action and notifies the parents or custodian immediately.

(d) Immunizations.  Each resident is immunized against communicable diseases in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

(e) Medication.  The facility has current, written medication policy.

(1) On each shift, a staff member is designated to ensure compliance with the facility’s medication policy.

(2) When any medication is administered to a resident, a precise record is kept that includes:

(A) the resident’s name;

(B) the name of the medication;

(C) the dosage, date and time given, and signature of the person who administered it;

(D) reason the medication is given; and

(E) any unusual reaction.  The resident, the parents or custodian, and all staff members responsible for the resident are informed of the side effects of the medication prescribed for the resident.

(3) Prescription medications are administered by the designated staff member only as part of a prescribed therapeutic treatment.

(4) All medications are kept in a locked container and under the supervision of the designated staff member.

(5) All unused or outdated medication is disposed of per facility policy.

(f) First aid supplies.  The facility maintains first aid supplies.

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