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Library: Policy

340:105-7-9. Program development grants

Revised 6-1-07

     As funds are available, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services announces a request for proposal (RFP) soliciting proposals for funding of new or expanding adult day services programs.  Proposals for program expansion are considered only when the expansion provides additional services to a significant sector of the adult day services population, for example, specialized Alzheimer's programs.

(1) Selection process.  An RFP selection committee is set up within the Aging Services Division (ASD) to score the proposals.  Proposals are rated and scores are considered along with need for the services in the applicant's service area of the state to determine which proposals will be funded.  After the selection committee scoring is completed, ASD staff makes a site visit.  All contracts are then offered based on availability of funds.

(2) Monitoring grant contracts.  Grant contracts are monitored both through the monthly claims process and periodic site visits.

(3) Renewal of grant contracts.  Grant contracts are awarded on a fiscal year basis and must be renewed each July 1.  An original grant is renewable for up to three years.  Grantees must submit the required reapplication materials to ASD by a date determined annually.  Renewals are awarded only where a grantee has met the previous year's contractual obligations as determined by monitoring throughout the year.

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