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340:105-7-7. Adult day services vendor contracts

Revised 6-1-07

(a) Licensure of facility.  According to Section 1-873 of Title 63 of Oklahoma Statutes, all adult day services centers must be licensed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.  Failure to comply with state law is grounds for immediate termination of the contract or denial of a contract application.

(b) Application.  Applications for a contract to provide adult day services to Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) participants are obtained from Aging Services Division (ASD), Attention:  Adult Day Services.  • 1

(c) Application process.  When the completed application packet is received by ASD, a visit is arranged with the facility to conduct a site evaluation.  For facilities holding a current contract and applying for renewal, no site evaluation is required.  • 2

(d) Facility approved.  If a facility meets all minimum standards and requirements, and funding is available, a contract is offered.  The facility accepts the offer by returning the properly signed contract within 15 days of the offer.  When a contract number is assigned, ASD notifies the facility and the OKDHS county office where the facility is located.  • 3

(e) Facility not approved.  If an applicant facility fails to meet OKDHS minimum standards and requirements, ASD staff notifies the facility by mail via a letter that includes:

(1) a description of the area(s) in which the facility failed to meet standards and requirements;

(2) an offer of technical assistance concerning steps needed to comply with the requirements; and

(3) a statement the facility may reapply when the operator corrects the deficiencies.

(f) Contract monitoring.  ASD staff visits each contracted facility at least once annually to monitor the facility's compliance with the contractual agreement.  ASD staff discusses with the operator any areas that require improvement.  If deficiencies are not corrected or showing substantial improvement within that period, procedures for contract termination are initiated.  A summary of the findings of each monitoring visit is prepared and a copy is sent to the facility.  • 4

(g) Contract reapplication.  Performance-based contracts for provision of adult day services automatically terminate at the end of the state fiscal year.  In April, ASD staff provides new application packets to each contracted vendor.  Applications are evaluated in accordance with subsection (c) of this Section.  Procedures for approval or disapproval are followed as outlined in subsections (e) and (f) of this Section.  A site visit and evaluation is required when a facility changes location or undergoes major renovation.

(h) Procedures for suspension or termination of contract.  If at any point during the contract term a facility fails to meet minimum standards or other contractual requirements, and fails to correct the deficiency within 30 calendar days after notification, contract suspension, or termination procedures are initiated.  • 5

Revised 6-1-07

1.  All potential vendors are referred to Aging Services Division (ASD), Attention: Adult Day Services.

2.  After completing the site evaluation and reviewing the completed application, ASD determines whether the facility will be offered a contract.

3.  ASD is responsible for:

(1) posting the approval to the Information Management System (IMS), Contracts File; and

(2) providing the facility with an initial supply of forms, including:

(A) 02AS004E, Service/Attendance/Claim Record;

(B) 02AS001E, Adult Day Service Invoice; and

(C) 02AS003E, Adult Day Services Referral/Application.

4.  The original summary is filed in the facility's contract file at ASD.

5.  A copy of the letter to the facility is sent to the OKDHS county office, with a memorandum to notify the county that no payment will be made for services rendered after the suspension or termination date.

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