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340:105-10-83. Home delivered meals service eligibility

Revised 9-15-22

(a) Policy.  The Area Agency on Aging (AAA) establishes eligibility requirements for home delivered meals participants which include, at minimum:   1

(1) persons age 60 years or older who have a disability, are homebound, and have no one available to provide meal preparation assistance.  Homebound means a person is unable to leave home without another person's assistance;

(2) persons with a disability who are under 60 years of age who and reside with eligible participants; and

(3) spouses of home delivered meals participants when, according to AAA criteria, receipt of the meals is in the best interest of participants.

(b) Authority.  The authority for this Section is Title 45 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1321.11.

(c) Cross references.  See Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:105-10-50.1(a)(4), 340:105-10-51, 340:105‑10‑68, 340:105-10-70, 340:105-10-74 through 340:105-10-79, 340:105-10-82, and 340:105-10-84 through 340:105-10-86.


Revised 9-15-22

1.  Home delivered meals service eligibility is implemented in (1) through (4) of this Instruction.

(1) Persons who wish to receive home delivered meals service complete the assessment process outlined in Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:105-10-70.

(2) Participants are evaluated at each annual assessment to determine continued eligibility.

(3) Persons who are no longer homebound are referred to the congregate meals program when feasible.

(4) Project staff verify with all agencies involved with participants that a home delivered meal is no longer needed, before discontinuing the service.  Documentation of the agency contacts are maintained along with the participant's assessment information.

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