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340:105-10-73. Congregate meals project advisory council

Revised 6-1-03

(a) Policy.  Each congregate meals project establishes and maintains an advisory council to advise the project on all matters relating to the delivery of project services.  Site councils may be established at the discretion of the project director.

  • (1) The composition of the council is described in (A) and (B).
    • (A) The advisory council is separate and distinct from the congregate meals project governing board and composed of:
      • (i) more than 50 percent of the council is made up of project participants, with each site electing one representative to the project council. Disabled and minority representatives are included on the council where projects are serving such individuals and where such individuals are willing to serve;
      • (ii) representatives of public and private agencies or organizations in the service area that address aging issues;
      • (iii) local government officials; and
      • (iv) other persons who are knowledgeable and experienced in the special needs of older persons.
    • (B) The advisory council may not be composed of:
      • (i) State Agency staff or governing board members; 
      • (ii) Area Agency on Aging (AAA) staff or governing board members;
      • (iii) congregate meal project staff or governing board members; or
      • (iv) any other individuals who may give an appearance of a potential conflict of interest.
  • (2) The council has approval authority over:
    • (A) suggested contribution schedules;
    • (B) general types of menus that meet the guidelines outlined in OAC 340:105-10-75(c)(9);
    • (C) days and hours of project operations where feasible; and
    • (D) decor and furnishings of the meal sites.
  • (3) The council advises the project in all other matters related to the delivery of nutrition and supportive services, including:
    • (A) preparation of the project's operating budget;
    • (B) evaluation of project effectiveness and achievement of objectives;
    • (C) determination of existing and proposed services offered by the project; and
    • (D) determination of a new site selection.
  • (4) All decisions and recommendations of the council take into consideration all applicable federal and state statutes and policies, as well as the project budget.
  • (5) The council is organized and activated within 60 days after the initiation of meal service. Where feasible, target group eligible individuals are involved in the preparation of the initial project proposal.
  • (6) Council bylaws and meeting minutes are on file at the sites and available to the participants, AAA, and State Agency staff for review. 

(b) Authority.  The authority for this Section is Title 45 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1321.11.

(c) Procedures.

  • (1) The AAA:
    • (A) incorporates the provision of this Section into its Title III policy and procedures manual; and
    • (B) provides orientation to projects regarding the policy.
  • (2) Projects:
    • (A) establish project councils according to required composition;
    • (B) provide orientation to new council members regarding their functions;
    • (C) assist councils in developing bylaws;
    • (D) submit bylaws and amendments to the AAA for approval;
    • (E) schedule meetings of the councils at least quarterly and provide staff assistance at said meetings; and
    • (F) seek input from the council at scheduled meetings and informally, as needed, on all matters relating to the delivery of congregate meals and supportive services.

(d) Cross references.  See OAC 340:105-10-50.1(a)(4) and (7), 340:105-10-51, 340:105-10-70 through 340:105-10-72, 340:105-10-74 through 340:105-10-80, and 340:105-10-86.

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