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Library: Policy

340:105-10-10. Designation of State Agency

Revised 5-13-02

(a) Policy.  Any state wishing to participate in Older Americans Act (OAA) programs must designate a sole state agency to serve as that state's State Agency on Aging (State Agency). It may be either an agency with the single purpose to administer programs for older persons, or a multipurpose human services agency with a designated single organizational unit to carry out the provisions of the OAA.

(b) Authority.  The authority for this Section is Section 305 of the OAA of 1965, as amended.

(c) Procedures.  In 1963, the Special Unit on Aging was created as a part of the Department of Human Services to serve as Oklahoma's State Agency.  In 1983, the Department of Human Services created the Division of Aging Services, now known as Aging Services Division, which placed the Special Unit on Aging with other programs within the Department that serve primarily the elderly.  On July 26, 1988, the Governor of Oklahoma, through Executive Order 88-13, authorized and designated the Oklahoma Commission for Human Services, acting through the Department of Human Services and its Aging Services Division, to be the sole agency of the State of Oklahoma to administer and supervise the administration of the OAA programs.

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