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340:105-1-8. SAFETEA-LU, Section 5310

Revised 6-1-07

(a) Purpose.  The Safe, Accountable, Flexible, and Efficient Transportation Equity Act – A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU), Section 5310 of the Federal Transit Administration, as amended under Section 5310(a)(2) of Title 49 of the United States Code, provides for the payment of 83 percent of the cost of capital equipment for transportation programs for older persons and persons with disabilities. 

(b) Application.  Private non-profit organizations are eligible applicants for participation in this program.  All applications for such equipment are made to Aging Services Division (ASD).  Certification of the organization's incorporation within Oklahoma from the Secretary of State accompanies each application.  If the application is approved, ASD submits the request for purchase of the equipment to the Department of Central Services for acquisition through state bidding procedure.  When acquired, the title to the equipment is vested in the name of the private non-profit organization with ASD on the title as the lien holder.

(c) Vehicle purchase.  Vehicles acquired under this program are graded for the purpose of providing transportation services to older persons and persons with disabilities.  Use of the vehicle by any other group of riders is not permissible unless such use is infrequent and incidental to the regular use of the vehicle in its normal service. 

(1) Vehicles acquired under this program are handicapped accessible unless the grantee can conclusively demonstrate that the existing transportation system:

(A) meets all demands for service by disabled persons;

(B) provides generally equal services to the disabled; and

(C) will continue to provide these services after the acquisition of a vehicle(s) under this program.

(2) If all conditions in (1) of this subsection are met, ASD considers issuance of a waiver of the requirement that the vehicle applied for is accessible to the handicapped.

(3) To apply for funds under Section 5310, private non-profit organizations:

(A) determine in a general way whether there is a transportation problem for the community's older persons and persons with disabilities;

(B) identify a potential local private non-profit sponsor;

(C) contact ASD to discuss application procedures;

(D) contact local, regional, or state planning agencies for planning assistance;

(E) conduct coordination meetings with local transportation system operators;

(F) provide 17 percent local matching funds and prepare a preliminary application for review by ASD; and

(G) prepare and submit the final application to ASD.

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