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Library: Policy

340:105-1-4. Aging Services (AS) responsibilities

Revised 9-15-21

(a) Objective.  The AS objective is to assist older Oklahomans secure and maintain economic and personal independence and dignity by working toward a comprehensive and coordinated system of delivery of services.

(b) Responsibilities.  Specific responsibilities are to:

(1) ensure the proper and efficient administration of programs administered by AS;

(2) provide fiscal support and technical assistance for programs administered by AS;

(3) develop and implement a State Plan on Aging with the assistance of the State Council on Aging;

(4) provide consultation and assistance to agencies and individuals in developing services for older Oklahomans;

(5) conduct studies and assessments to determine needs of older Oklahomans;

(6) serve as a clearinghouse for information and ideas pertinent to older Oklahomans;

(7) improve coordination among federal, state, and local agencies;

(8) inform the public about the needs of older Oklahomans; and

(9) enlist support and resources within the private sector to assist the aging network to provide needed services to older Oklahomans, and technical assistance in services development and delivery.

(c) Cross reference.  Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:105-10-13.