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Library: Policy

340:100-6-50. Food service

Revised 5-11-07

(a) A group home provider must:

  • (1) have available a minimum of three meals per day, constituting a nutritionally adequate general diet; and
  • (2) provide safe and sanitary storage, preparation, and serving of food.

(b) Fresh drinking water and ice must be available and easily accessible to each service recipient.

(c) Meal plans are:

  • (1) written in advance for one week;
  • (2) dated; and
  • (3) kept in the home for six months.
    • (i) Grocery receipts are available to document food purchases.
    • (ii) Substitutions from planned meals are noted.

(d) A four-day supply of food must be in the home at all times, including cold storage.

(e) The dining room must be sufficiently large to simultaneously seat all service recipients and staff on duty.

(f) A group home provider serving service recipients requiring special diets prescribed by a physician documents effective steps to ensure each service recipient receives the correct diet modifications.

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