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340:100-6-60. Individual Plan, service recipient training, and services

Revised 5-11-07

(a) Each service recipient residing in a group home has a single, comprehensive, written Individual Plan (Plan) conforming to OAC  340:100-5-50 through 340:100-5-58

(b) Training methods and materials must be culturally normative and age-appropriate.

(c) When specified in the Plan, the group home provider is responsible for programs designed to teach service recipients to clean and maintain their own living areas.

  • (1) Other household duties may be shared by service recipients on a rotational basis, provided the duties are in keeping with normal routines of daily living and not for the convenience of staff or as work for the group home.
  • (2) Regular participation in activities, such as meal planning, food purchasing, dish washing, doing laundry, housekeeping, and yard work, that leads to the service recipient's greater independence is not considered work for the group home.

(d) Each service recipient's Team annually assesses his or her abilities related to remaining in the home in the absence of on-site staff.

  • (1) All situations in which the service recipient may remain in the home without staff must be documented in the Plan.
  • (2) Programs must be implemented for each service recipient to reduce his or her dependence on staff supervision, including identifying problems and getting assistance.

(e) The provider must assist service recipients residing in a group home to access needed professional and generic services.

(f) In addition to requirements in OAC 340:100-5-50 through 340:100-5-58, the Team assesses and addresses the service recipient's needs regarding:

  • (1) safety in the home;
  • (2) assistance with money management in addition to requirements in OAC 340:100-3-4;
  • (3) community inclusion and access to work, employment or day services, leisure, recreation, transportation, and therapies; and
  • (4) health care per OAC 340:100-5-26.

(g) The group home provider must assist service recipients to access necessary services and supports.

(h) The group home provider establishes a written agreement with the service recipient or legal guardian that defines the financial responsibilities of the provider and service recipient, including a room and board payment.

  • (1) The agreement:
    • (A) accurately reflects the ongoing financial arrangement between the provider and service recipient;
    • (B) clearly defines who purchases personal items;
    • (C) is renewed annually and when changes occur;
    • (D) is available to the service recipient, legal guardian, Office of Client Advocacy advocate, and Developmental Disabilities Services Division case manager; and
    • (E) reflects that the services to be provided are described in the service recipient's Plan.
  • (2) The room and board payment may include all but $100 per month of the service recipient's income up to a maximum of 90% of the current Supplemental Security Income rate.
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