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Library: Policy

340:100-5-56. Risk assessment

Revised 9-15-16

The personal support team (Team) completes an assessment that identifies:

(1) potential areas where the service recipient's safety is at risk, including physical, emotional, medical, financial, legal risks, or risk to community participation; and

(2) when, where, and how often the risk to safety may occur;

(3) the approaches, supports, services, and the actions needed or used to reduce or eliminate the risk, including:

(A) assisting the service recipient in having as much control and decision-making abilities as possible;

(B) changes in the environment to reduce stressors;

(C) communication between team members;

(D) consistency of provider-agency support staff;

(E) daily activities;

(F) frequency and quality of supervision;

(G) offering positive activities;

(H) prescribing staff training when additional training is needed;

(I) recognition of early signs or indicators of potential risks;

(J) skill building;

(K) supporting the individual in communicating choices;

(L) teaching coping skills;

(M) temporarily avoiding situations too difficult or uncomfortable for the service recipient; and

(N) understanding how and what the person is communicating.

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