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340:100-5-54. Planning for obstacles

Issued 5-5-98

Occasionally people may encounter obstacles that interfere with their ability to grow and participate in the community. All people have problems, conflicts, and other challenges from time to time. Learning to handle these challenges in a manner that is constructive and not self-destructive or harmful to others is essential. DDSD is committed to early intervention and prevention when behavioral or emotional challenges occur, to prevent the escalation of these problems.

  • (1) Events such as the loss of a loved one, change in roommates, staff or schedules, or the loss of a job may trigger a crisis. The case manager and program coordinator anticipate the reaction of a person receiving services to such a crisis and provide immediate assistance which may include:
    • (A) linking the person with immediate support or assistance to resolve or cope with the crisis.
    • (B) referring the person or family to a counselor or family service agency to help them cope with the loss of a loved one during the grieving process.
    • (C) using problem-solving skills to identify and resolve factors contributing to the crisis.
    • (D) discussing and facilitating adjustments in the person's life and reflecting those changes in the Individual Plan.
    • (E) increasing the number of contacts with the person to help him or her cope with transition to new staff, places, programs, or providers.
    • (F) identifying and arranging for productive and fulfilling ways to fill the person's time when jobs or other vocational activities are terminated.
  • (2) The Individual Plan is updated in anticipation of foreseeable significant changes or life events.
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